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Title: Random Tips Culled from the "Noob Tips" Forum.
Post by: [Don_T_Shoot] on 2009-08-31 14:02:28
Some of these might not 100% correct but I'll try to correct them as I go.  They also might be obvious to some, but not all.

  • The vendors selling donations to charity are selling you stars that you lost from being defeated. (loss of stars = debuff?  unclear)
  • To change the color of your power(s), right click the power in your hotbar, click the power, and then click the little rounded box in the upper right corner.
  • In crafting, once you reach cap at each 100, buy a level cap raise from the vendor.  The vendor is the "store" option in your (any?) crafting trainer.
  • Once you get past level 8, press B to look at your build screen. You'll be able to set up 2 builds immediately and switch between them at will by clicking the little icon of your character above your powers bar.  (put in gear for more offense or defense to switch between the builds as needed)
  • If you find innocent people getting threatened by a bunch of bad guys, their thanks will actually give you 500xp . you may need to actually have to stick around for them to come up to you and thank you to actually get it, though.  (I've not had this happen yet but will try it.)
  • Improving Dex (and presumably Ego) will actually increase your chance to crit on heals (including Regeneration ticks). If you didn't put anything at all in dexterity, you basically never crit, it's worth it to put some points in it, no matter what you do...
  • The bank and the market (auction house) are in the buildings around the Renaissance Center on the west side.
  • Get a Block power. It doesn't need to be your first thing to get, but you will use block a lot and some of the secondary effects are nice.
  • When choosing a quest reward, try to pick items in your crafting field unless it's a significant stat upgrade. You won't be able to trade these items, so you might as well get skill-ups out of them.
  • If you make another character, choose a different crafting field so you can pass any Bind on Equip items between characters with the UNTIL mail system.
  • To change where you powers emanate from, select Powers, and the powers that will allow you to change emanation points will have a drop-down menu to the right of the power's name, right under the color box.