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Title: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: Cpy-Ct on 2013-07-15 20:46:53
For a while now I have tinkering with the idea of recreating Swat 3 in the Unity Engine. I am creating this post to acquire anyone interested in joining the Development Team on this project.

The game will be written mostly in C#, but some aspects of the game can be written in JS. One of the main goals of this project is to replicate the game first, using all of the textures, sounds, maps, characters, and weapons.

The game will NOT be sold, nor will it be published. This project is being created for the Die Hard FANS of swat3 like us, by Die Hard Swat 3 modders and mappers who want to continue working on a game that is visually outdated. The possiblity of selling and publishing is only possible if the game is wiped clean of any IP belonging to Sierra.

Thus far I have been able to do many things, and wanted to present to you the current progress.

The Unity Engine allows the Game to be played in a Browser, this is to be used for testing purposes only because the Game is being built as a Standalone EXE and some aspects of the EXE version will not look properly in a browser.

Here is the Swat 3 Unity Project (http://www.mariachimaestro.com/Swat3_Unity_Player/Swat3_V_06/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html) using the browser. Install the Unity browser plugin to play.

I have not decided wether to create a website for this project. I am positive though, once the Dev Team grows in size, a Website for this project will definitely be needed.

There are only a few of us on the Dev Team: Me, Lord_Beckett, and BBE(Fox), but we are blessed to have my entire DNC Gaming Community present to provide support and help with the testing.

For more information contact me here on the Furry Forums or talk to me on TeamSpeak chicago.jestservers.com:7340 Our TeamSpeak recently changed IP address our new IP is:

I hope to see a few of you on the DEV TEAM.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: Cpy-Ct on 2013-07-19 20:26:16
Pretty much everything about the Unity Version of the Game will be integrated within the game, talk about creating xml documents to read the Mission info, like the way Swat 3 reads the missioninfo.dat will probably not be incorporated until the future when a naming convention is implemented an we implement an anti-cheat system.

To give anyone interested in Joining the Dev Team here is a sample of our road map and current progress.

Currently working on the MapLoad Data.

Need input on the process of loading a map, currently there is 1 scene, and that is the map itself. After studying the con files, it looks like every .con file will be treated as a Scene in Unity. This means that for every map there are 2 scenes.

Loading_Map_missiona (Scene for the map loading sequence)
MissionA (Scene for the map itself)

When importing and creating the other maps, Scripts will be attached to the camera and or an object of each scene containing all the variables we need for each map. This makes it easy for us to complete the map load data by draggin and dropping, sounds, loading images, and text for the map.

Looks like there is going to be one script to handle all of the map loading stuff.

MapLoadData.cs (c-Sharp) srcript will handle everything from:
Loading_Map image (example Loading_missionA.bmp)
Typewritter Script to type out the LoadingText, complete with typewritter sound. (complete)
Loading Stealth , Loading Dynamic sounds (Disptach sounds)
Connection Screen
Loading map, Loading Sprites, loading decals gear spinning thingy.
Disabling Mouse and keyboard input until map loads.
And displaying the slides bmp's during MP loading.

Please let me know if there is anything I have missed from the map loading list of items.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: Cpy-Ct on 2013-07-22 22:26:01
Some have asked if there are some side projects related to the Swat 3 Unity Project that they can lend a hand.

There are some side projects that need to be researched and addressed, if anyone here has any knowledge or wants to tinker around with these side projects please feel free to, we will definitely give credit where credit is due:

1. Take the Helvetica images (and other fonts images used) inside the Swatdata.res file and create a font package we can import into unity and use for the game. Unity supports many font types, but I would stick to the basic Windows font package.
2. Create a CMP to wave converter, so we can easily convert the cmps to wave and use them for the game.

We pretty much are throwing almost all of every community made tool every made for the game at this project. Credit definitely will be given.

I'm sure there will be more but these 2 are ones that can currently be put to use.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: Cpy-Ct on 2013-08-10 19:23:09
I get a lot of questions regarding the progress of the Swat 3 Unity Project, one that gets asked alot is the Compatiblility of the Swat3 Files to Unity.

Here is an assesment of all the assets, and their compatiblity with the Unity Engine.

Maps - SCN not importable, but relatively easy to rip importable Geomtery.  Textures, decals, sprites,  are importable, entities are not.
Entities will be treated close to Swat3's entities in that 1 script will contain all information accesible from other scripts.

Characters - Fully importable models with usable grippers,  animations, and textures.
    Animations are bit tricky, currently working on the Basic AI system of the Fh1 Character Class, Using a FSM(Finite State Machine) will be easier to implement and emulate the original Game's AI, if not improve it.

Weapons - Fully importable models with usable grippers, textures, decals, preview images, bullet decals and animations.
It is yet to be determined wether a handsup view will be introduced. An Idea was to have an option either in the options menu or at weapon loadout to turn on Handsup (a up-to-date version of handsup)or go retro Swat3 with just the redical image bmp.

GUI Elements - Fully importable textures.

Sounds - Not yet importable, but relatively easy to rip from game to wav and import.

let me know if there is anythng I have missed, if there is anythin you would like for me to elaborate on.

Title: Open Your Mind and Contribute Your Ideas
Post by: Cpy-Ct on 2013-08-13 18:27:43
Today I am working on the Hostage/Civilian Class script that will handle the ability to comply(put hands up and drop to his/her knees) when he/she hears the Swat3 issue compliance, Dialog, and comply and arrest animations

This image will facilitate my explanation.

When a member of the swat team issues compliance, and not looking directly at a civilian/hostage the sound's ability to be audible is based on serveral factors.

1. is the hostage/civilian in the same room and if not
2. are there any walls between the swat who issued compliance and the hostage/civilian
3. In what state is the Civilian/Hostage wether it be calm, scared, or other.
4. The value of each of the attributes for the specific character. Most of us remember them by the characters.dat file
      values for Stresslevel, Marksmancship, Aggression, Years of experience, or
       2   0   7   0   0    (taken from Lori Abbot's Data)

In swat3, the ability to be heard is based on 3 things, wether Swat and the Hostage/Civilian is in the same cell,  the Distance between the 2 and character data.

Here is the way I think this should be handled When the player(Swat) issues compliance

Each hostage/Civilian is equipped with a Shere collider that will return collisions detected.
Each hostage/Civilian is equipped with a script that will read the attributes for that character and calculate distance, play dialog, and set animations.

When the player(Swat) issues compliance....
The ability for that character to comply will be based on Distance, Sphere Collider boolean(true/false), character state and the character data.

Let me Explain.
if a collision is detected, we must first determing what the collision(s) are, and if we have a collision with the Issuer; thus:
1. if the collision(s) does not contain the issuer(false) then there must be a wall or an obstruction, reducing the travel of the audible source and thus the ability for that character to comply will be based on distance (with an obstruction) to the issuer and character data.
2. but if a collision(s) is the issuer(true) is detected then, the ability for that character to comply will based on distance( with no obstruction probably same Cell) and character data.

to cover all other scenarios(in case the civilian/hostage is hiding), we will base the ability to comply by the character data, distance  and wether or not they are in the same cell.
and of course we should have some bolean(true/false) if the character is DEAD, we dont want them to come back to life.
Once this character is in the Compliant state we can arrest, and call him/her in.

Still with me?

If anyone understands me and like what you see, please let me know by contributing ideas of how we can make this aspect of the game more realistic.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: [_PhoeniX_] on 2013-08-17 00:09:35
Reported for spam.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: [ Flash ] on 2013-08-18 16:51:57
Think I'll just wait for this instead http://serellan.com/portfolio/takedown/

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: Cpy-Ct on 2013-08-22 14:19:38
Think I'll just wait for this instead http://serellan.com/portfolio/takedown/
Yeah I can't wait for Takedown too. (Been thinking about putting the UnityProject on the backburner till then.)

Reported for spam.
Really, REALLy!, REEEEEALLY. Really? not funny, but somehow it is funny, and expected.

IS this the consensus view? Does everyone here in Furryclan feel this way. Is that what you guys have been talking about on TS?

For me the only difference between TakeDown and Swat3Unity is my name will be in the credits. Do you want your name in the credits? Do you have something you can contribute towards the project? Do you have some special talent that can be a usefull assett on the DEV Team? Then Talk.

There will be NO "Smart Ass Position" to be filled on the Dev Team, but I might inlcude Pheonix in the credits for being one. He means well, and he's a good guy, I'll give him that, but Calm down, were all are just gamers here and it is all out of fun, and we are just here to have fun, wether it is just contributing to the re-making of a game.

I have been thinking of setting aside the project, until takedown is released. Then again by the time it is released, WE could have released an Alpha. I am certainly capable of completing the entire project by myself. Question is....Do I want to do this project by myself.


Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: [Don_T_Shoot] on 2013-08-22 15:45:42
People only speak for themselves and I'm not certain anyone was speaking about this on TS.   So for me, while I find the underpinnings of games interesting I only have time to play them and very few of them at that.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: [_PhoeniX_] on 2013-08-30 02:43:40
How much interest have you received from spamming this forum?

That should be your indicator of the amount of interest we have.

You're welcome.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: Cpy-Ct on 2013-08-30 16:31:54
I still can't believe you are still calling it spamming.

"Boo, hoo, hoo; My name is PeeniX; I have no power; I pick on non-member of my clan."

Stop! Your just making yourself look worse, and giving your clan a bad name.
From this moment on I am ignoring all of your posts.

Come on FurryCat you know you want some.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: [furrycat] on 2013-08-30 20:28:34
I don't want anything.

Your posts aren't spam.  This is the SWAT3 forum and your posts are about SWAT3.  So PhoeniX's spam reports are being ignored.  You've been around long enough to know that no one is going to lose any sleep about PhoeniX running his mouth.  And you really should have been around long enough to know that after 15 years we just aren't interested in playing SWAT3 any longer.

You can spend your free time however you want and if you want to do SWAT3 stuff then good for you.  I won't stand in your way.  Your work is impressive.  So is the E.T guy's (http://www.neocomputer.org/projects/et/).  I don't want to play his game either.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: [_PhoeniX_] on 2013-09-11 18:46:58
So is the E.T guy's (http://www.neocomputer.org/projects/et/).  I don't want to play his game either.


And I know it isn't technically spam. But I reported all 3 posts back to back as spam because I thought it'd be hilarious to spam the spam reporting.

And I don't pick on you. I'm trying to figure out a way to properly convey the message that NO ONE HERE CARES about your SWAT 3 stuff. You don't seem to understand, no matter how politely the message is given to you. As a result, you continuously post stuff that nobody cares about on the forums for no reason other than to display your lack of social understanding.

Are you an Aspie? That would explain a lot.

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: Zero on 2013-10-24 23:37:33
I'd actually be interested in playing an up to date SWAT 3. There's been nothing like it since. I do think to make something worthwhile would probably take a lot of cash and resources though.  On the flipside anything copy makes will probably run on my old windows laptop  ;D hope you're all doing well btw!

Title: Re: Swat 3 Unity Project
Post by: Cpy-Ct on 2013-10-25 22:28:46
Well, my old ass is doing fine.. I have been putting the Swat 3 Unity project on the backburner because of the release of the Takedown game. Looks like I am probably gonna be picking it back up, if anyone is interested. Takedown was "ok", but it reminded me of Ravenshield.

I have been working on another prototype game from the Movie "Stay Alive". so far soo good. If you've ever wanted this game to be a real game, let me know.
I'm not gonna put screenies or links on here, unless someone wants to see em'. Me and a french guy named JoeInman have been working close on the project and for the most part the intro is done, character selection, and the map of the Gorouge Plantation has been started.(currently on the Manor).

Been playing Joint Ops Escalation, to keep my head on straight, and relief some anseity about the prototype projects I have pending.