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Title: IC2 Miner
Post by: [Don_T_Shoot] on 2014-06-03 17:06:10
What's the deal with IC2 miner and the BC pump?

First the pump.  I placed it high above a lava pool (in the nether) and without any redstone engine attached, or switch placed near it, the pump extends its pipe down to the lava.  I attached a redstone and a switch but turning on the switch starts the redstone engine but stops the pump....wha?  Does the pump no longer need external power?

The miner.  I ran the lava from the pump to a geothermal generator via pipes, then placed the miner next to the generator.  So far so good.  I put in a drill and one of the scanners (I forget which), nothing happens yet.  I then put in the mining pipe into the top middle slot and it springs to life spewing blocks out the side, ignoring a transport pipe attached to the other side.

To stop the spewing I placed a chest next to the miner and it stopped.  I mean it stopped running and mining.   The chest has a redstone engine on a wooden pipe.  Not sure if it is close enough to interfere though.  Anyhow, I take the drill out and the thing starts working for a bit, then the mining pipe exits the miner and goes into the chest...more what the fuck.

How does this thing operate and what am I doing wrong?

Title: Re: IC2 Miner
Post by: [NorthStar] on 2014-06-03 19:36:14
Pump should need power, and redstone engine should suffice. You can see how we have the one set up in the back of the workshop. Maybe the redstone signal going to the engine is somehow conflicting with the pump itself?

Phoebes is the expert on the IC2 miners. The reason it pulled up the mining pipe when you pulled out the drill, though, is because that's what it does when it's either done digging or has no drill to dig with.

Title: Re: IC2 Miner
Post by: [Don_T_Shoot] on 2014-06-03 20:05:46
That's the messed up thing.  With the redstone off, the pump sends lava to the geo but not when it is on.

Good to know about the drill.  I'll take everything out of the miner and put it back in, see if that helps.