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1  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Motel is no more on: 2017-06-02 23:20:08
man i was wicked poor then too.  Cheesy
2  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Motel is no more on: 2017-06-01 20:25:28
The motel Don and furrycat stayed at ages ago when they visited Columbus was boarded up today due to drugs and prostitution.

I blame you guys.


3  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Wait what? on: 2016-02-07 13:46:27
Again, it comes back to people playing differently.  I don't have the time in my life to drag back and forth across a field to upgrade to a 100hp tractor from my 80hp tractor.  You guys, do, and that's fine with me.  If I hadn't
of enabled dev mode and gave myself money I would have never of played as much as I am.  For me, this game is all about playing around with the wood chipper or the feller buncher or the forklift and above all else, having some laughs.

And to the second point, why does everybody keep saying everything that can be done is done and my favorite, "Whats the point now?".  I've spent off and on the past 2 days trying to figure out how to use the crane.  I have 18 fields that died since I cannot figure out how to maintain just by myself, and I still can't find my damn cow.  I'm happy.  I have nothing done at all and a million things to learn and progress on still.  I'm very serious when I want to be and very casual when I get tired of it.

How on earth can a person join/walk into a farm and see Dodge Ram trucks put on top of every roof and not laugh?  I think I'm just sad that I tried really hard to make you guys all laugh and have a causal silly time and then many people just got down right mean. 

Annnnyhow, I digress.   
4  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Wait what? on: 2016-02-06 15:42:40
I'm over it.  Sorry I messed up your work.

As for you Longbow. 

5  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Wait what? on: 2016-02-06 12:54:53
I bought the game to goof around and play with things.  I had no plans on doing work from scratch.  I bumped us some money and me and Lue were actually working quite hard on sowing fields.  Then you and Longbow join up and just trash talk.  I'm sorry you did "work" and got a sad face when you discovered that there was tons of equipment to use and tryout.  Sometimes playing a game doesn't have to go exactly how the instruction manual tells you to do it.  I spent 6 hours yesterday putting trucks on top of buildings and found that rewarding as all hell.  Then me and Lue started to see if two people could run all the fields and farm.  That was rewarding for me as well.  But when I see Longbow join up, say shitty things about the things I did, take vehicles out and leave them randomly in the field then  leave with "fuck this shit, this server sucks", I'm bound to get upset.

I'm not mad at you Northstar, I know who you are and how you play and you legit told me that I was accidentally planting grass and I learned from it and tried to acknowledge it over the din.  Thank you for that.  I'm just mad about being told everything I worked hard at was shit and I was "doing it all wrong".  I had fun for 12 hours yesterday, minus the 1 hour I was being yelled at for not following the formula.
6  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Wait what? on: 2016-02-06 04:25:21
So I buy a game, goof around, spend my own time to set up a server, do things I find fun and funny and invite the "old clan" to join for laughs.

What do I get?   

I get people being mean. 
I get people doing rude things by moving equipment around and being disrespectful.
I get earfuls of "this server sucks", "this is dumb", "this is gay", "oh teh haxxx!?!?"

I can take shit as much as the next guy but if I give you access to something I am genuinely having a good time with and I am not doing it "your way", please show some respect and don't be an asshole.

I had a fun time with Farm Sim for at least 8 hours today totally by myself and only spawned in some cash.  No haxx.  I was pleased to show my old friends how I put cars on roofs and bought a load of Dodges.  What I got in return was a stomach ache and a bunch of jerks saying dickish things and general griefing.

Is this the furryclan?  Is this who we are?  Is this who we have evolved into or have we always been total fuck-twats?

Isn't gaming supposed to illicit smiles?  Why did my day of fun turn into bile?

I haven't been on TS in years and after tonight, I can't see a reason to go back.
7  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Eating old ass military rations on: 2016-01-28 18:43:52
Isn't your nearby city leading the charge on foul water?
8  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Eating old ass military rations on: 2016-01-22 15:11:50
Yep.  The only niches left are dog turd tasting and city tap water reviews
9  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Eating old ass military rations on: 2016-01-22 13:19:22
I watched far too many of these.

10  Single player and online games / Steam / Re: Poly Bridge on Steam on: 2016-01-04 15:27:36
I say step kid because I can't say "the kid that I have staying in my home" without getting on a government list somewhere.
11  Single player and online games / Steam / Poly Bridge on Steam on: 2015-12-31 12:21:41
My step kid turned me onto this.  It's a fun little time filler when you only have a few minutes.  
It reminds me of Architecture class in high school when we made bridges out of popsicle sticks and tested them for strength.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66K_G7RCN-I" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66K_G7RCN-I</a>
12  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Little Bird on a concrete barrier on: 2015-11-25 15:05:12
100% agree.
13  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Little Bird on a concrete barrier on: 2015-11-25 13:39:27
I feel like I've done this a million times with Northstar or Phonesex back in the day.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zSoAODQ9do" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zSoAODQ9do</a>
14  Single player and online games / Steam / Re: GTA 5 on: 2015-11-19 12:49:29
15  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Vehicles By State on: 2015-11-18 15:24:11
Nobody has ever called me practical.   Grin
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