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1  [furryclan] forums / TV and film / Re: Rambo on: 2008-03-15 06:44:20
I agree
2  [furryclan] forums / TV and film / Re: Rambo on: 2008-03-14 06:42:24
I agree
3  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / World Wide Web Demo RSF on: 2008-03-11 10:37:21
Reporters without Borders (Reporters sans Frontieres) are organizing online demonstrations
against internet/web censorship, starting on March 12th 11 am (Paris time) lasting 24h:


EDIT: Date was wrong sorry.
4  Single player and online games / Other games / Sam & Max on: 2008-03-05 07:29:01
Played "Culture Shock". Was laughing a lot.

Especially at Bosco:

Did anybody try the other parts?
5  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Fuckign stupid IE6 on: 2008-03-05 07:18:53

I think the peak of that joke ends at "Kernel hacking with echo or hex editor" or something along that line.

[begin rant]
M$ is so funny, first they block their own site for browsers other than IE, then people have to edit websites
so they show ok on IE, which in turn fucks them up on compliant browsers. Then the EU sues them for
forcing closed binary formats on users and M$ returns by opening their formats and stating that they
are oh so nice and part of the open source community. Yo, fuck you too, M$.

If M$ opened 10 years ago or would at least be some kind of nice, then they might be acceptable. But
no, they even produced hardware (Sidewinder joystick) that their next operating system (XP) did not support.
Yeah, nice customer support.

And to anybody who thinks Bill and his charity foundation are oh so nice, be advised that M$ supported (supports?)
companies that are totally aligned with the actions that the charity foundation claims to fight.

And no this is not some conspiracy talk bullshit, M$ sucks, accept it.

Btw. I've read that Balmer had to have his vocal chords treated by surgery after yelling "Windows" for too long.
They should've cut them out while they had the chance, or better his head off...or his wiener.
[/end rant]
6  MMOs / Other MMOs / Re: Pirates of the Burning Sea on: 2008-02-23 15:10:15
I just need to relieve Phoenix a bit from posting these awesome comics
This one is not extra-ordinary but still nice:
7  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: CRAZY new motion capture technology on: 2008-02-22 08:34:05
Yea, those videos indeed suck. I couldn't find the original article I read about that software.
It included videos that were a lot better, and showed them really trying to catch their fall
by extending their arms towards the ground and things like that.
8  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Its a.... on: 2008-02-22 08:31:58
Make it June 2nd dammit!

What about later in June? Where have you been last September - October?

The calculations performed for this joke are based on general knowledge and might not be accurate.
9  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Euphoria engine on: 2008-02-20 07:34:51
Probably a repost.

The Euphoria engine combines ragdoll with some AI stuff.
I think you can see the guys trying to catch the fall with their arms:

To be used in this game:
10  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Its a.... on: 2008-02-20 07:21:41
That's great, congratulations!
11  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Quicksilver | What happened to you? on: 2008-02-16 12:35:57
The abstract:

The visualization:

A comparison of mostly Win and Mac interface design decisions:
12  [furryclan] forums / Jokes and freaky stuff / Headshot on: 2008-02-12 14:56:31
No gore and safe for office view


I guess this ammo is just available to the military, still I wonder
what an assassin could cause with .50cal sniper rifles and
regular ammo:
13  [furryclan] forums / Jokes and freaky stuff / Re: your mamma... on: 2008-02-10 20:43:42
The pain!!!

14  [furryclan] forums / Jokes and freaky stuff / Re: Kitty Pop Ups on: 2008-02-06 07:17:11
hahaha, with the eyes it looks like it comes from there - or Mars.

but that's mean..

Children, don't do this at home!
15  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / US Navy is testing railguns on: 2008-02-05 09:52:16
The US Navy has been testing railguns for engagements over more than 200 nautical miles
for a while:

Original news article and video:

Design specification included in the article:
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