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Author Topic: America's Army Operations - Update  (Read 4281 times)
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America's Army Operations - Update
« on: 2003-03-28 08:24:28 »

there is a new unofficial patch 1.5.0 - 1.6.0 out on http://www.aafiles.com   its about 87MB

it's unofficial, because the devs only provide a 350megs (or something like that) complete download this time.

What's New:

Updated Game Engine

The updated version of the game engine provides improved networking and audio performance and enhanced server and client stability. The production version of the Unreal engine will allow America's Army to deliver an expanding array of functionality, combat systems, armaments and of course, expanded opportunities to explore occupations and individual development in America's Army: Soldiers.

"Radio Tower" Non-Combatant Rescue Mission

"Radio Tower" is a daytime mission in which assaulting elite Army Rangers parachute into harsh desert terrain, infiltrate a catacomb of underground tunnels, rescue international aid workers and secure a large radio tower from opposing forces. Players on the defense serve as elite Army Rangers charged with defending a group of aid workers and a large radio tower from attack by opposing forces.

Projectile Penetration

By implementing projectile penetration, America's Army Version 1.6 will provide players with expanded realism across all simulated combat levels. Surfaces such as cloth, glass and wood will now allow projectile penetration with projectile damage and trajectory affected by the type of surface penetrated. With this upgrade the difference between cover and concealment will be apparent!

Projective Ricochets

In addition to projectile penetration, America's Army: Operations now incorporates ricochets as well. With this feature, firing your weapon at an object with an incident angle of less than 45 degrees can result in ricochets. The damage and trajectory resulting from ricocheting projectiles will vary with a projectile's incident angle and the type of material it hits.

Other New Features Include:

* Bullet decals now appear on static meshes

* Bullet decals now appear on movers (e.g., doors)

* Separate entry and exit effects for bullet penetration

* KeepDecals option. This is the minimum number of decals before old decals will be deleted.

* New ricochet sounds

* New footstep sounds for concrete and carpet

* New texture detail options in advanced video settings

* Private server password entry window now added within the in-game Server Browser page

* Added spam-control for the messaging system

* New desert camouflage skins for U.S. soldiers

* New loading screen

* Added fatigue timer/limit to jumping capabilities for improved realism

* Frag Grenade Aiming: When you pull the pin, the line between the tip of your thumb and the tip of your index finger is now aligned with the middle of the screen.

Changes Include:

* Sound radius adjusted for various sound effects, including weapon fire, grenades, objectives, and player voices

* Lighting enhanced on static and skeletal meshes

* Updated animations to reduce some issues with avatar hands crashing through each other

* The Parental Control language filter is ON by default

* Min/Max honor added to command post server settings (in default.ini)

* Admin Command Post now reads the list of editable server settings from the .ini file (server side)

* Votekick reason is now mandatory

* Improved the idle-kick functionality

* Improved weapon-jamming algorithm

* Enhanced flash-bang effect

* Enhanced ear-ringing effect for grenades

Fixes Include:

* Sounds no longer audible from extended distances

* Opposing force versions of M24/M82 no longer show friendly meshes after supported

* Players can no longer use binoculars and NVGs at same time

* Servers no longer crash when kicking multiple players at once

* Map rotation works properly now (ini file changes)

* Opposing force language has been removed from MILES maps

* Players can now be identified within objectives

* Players can now pickup items within objectives

* GP30/M203 attachments show up correctly for friendly/enemy

* Fixed M82 muzzle flash rotation

* Objectives no longer act as invisible shields

* Various sprinting issues related to zooming are fixed

* Fixed several issues with the language filter

* Autoswap from grenade will work when jumping (swaps when you land)

* Weapon lowering animation bug has been fixed

* Devkick will no longer kick a non-dev who issues the command

* Fixed sprint issues when using M24/M82 rifles

* Tracer auras (Nicknamed Aurora Borealis) should no longer show up in game

* Issues with team balancing have been corrected

sounds very interesting to me

havent been playing this for a long time, downloading that patch now and goin to test it out
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Re: America's Army Operations - Update
« Reply #1 on: 2003-03-28 09:07:59 »

ive got an error message when trying to install the patch

not sure if this is the patch, as alot of users seem to be happy with it

getting the whole 1.6.0 Americas Army Operations "armyops160.exe" from http://www.aafiles.com

374 MB

i also checked out the official site: http://www.americasarmy.com

but it looks like they are taking cash for the download there now

will keep u informed on gameplay issues...
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Re: America's Army Operations - Update
« Reply #2 on: 2003-03-28 10:50:07 »

taking cash for it?   hmmm
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Re: America's Army Operations - Update
« Reply #3 on: 2003-03-28 13:15:55 »

think it was USD 5.- for the download...

anyways i couldnt check it out close by,

open xymap

playerlock 0

mpcheat changeclass xy

because i couldnt get rid of the miles device, taht was on by default it seems

judging from the short game i played i can say i still suck and shooting through wooden doors makes it even tougher

in general i think it has become tougher as there should be less cover now

i couldnt take a closer look into the way weapons pierce wooden objects as i have this miles problem (man i hate miles in that game)

if anybody knows how to get rid of miles by console command, plz let me know

edit: the download on the aafiles.com site is free
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Re: America's Army Operations - Update
« Reply #4 on: 2003-03-28 13:24:56 »

Game sucks.
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Re: America's Army Operations - Update
« Reply #5 on: 2003-03-28 13:51:48 »

They are charging to help pay for Bush's war and tax cut.
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Re: America's Army Operations - Update
« Reply #6 on: 2003-03-28 15:57:40 »

The new map is "Radio Tower".

I played some rounds on the assaulter's side.

Unfortunately the lack of teamwork on public servers still gets the team spread out and likely wiped out. Or the remaining few get nailed by tunnel campers.

I'm sure i'd also whine if i had played as defense Smiley.

The area is made up by a hilly desert environment thats ideal for sniping and long range combat. On the otherhand there's those sucking tunnelsystems again, where i always get killed.

I think we are so unlucky to have an engine with great weapon and character animation in a DM environment/mission setup.

Mod those nice weaps, sounds and handsigns into RvS and we have got our killer SWAT/Spec Ops game Cheesy

Modders of the world unite!
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