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Author Topic: The first Raven Shield game diary  (Read 2934 times)
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The first Raven Shield game diary
« on: 2003-03-27 18:44:38 »

Hostage Rescue mission at the meat plant.  [icky] and the [cat] are alone, their comrades cut down in the line of duty.  [furryclan]'s elite operatives have just stormed the plant's cafeteria, eliminating two terrorists and freeing a hostage.  With time running short and no backup to call upon, [they] must escort the civilian with them as they secure the upper level.

"Follow me, do exactly what I tell you and keep your goddamn head down," instructs [icarus_uk].  But [furrycat] ignores him and advances up the stairs with the precious cargo in tow.

"Tango spotted."  [icky] needs only a second to sweep the area with the heartbeat sensor and pinpoint the locations of potential targets.  "One straight ahead, two more down the corridor to the left.  Possible hostage there too."

Trusting his partner's analysis implicitly, [furrycat] races through the door ahead of him, finding the next corridor clear as reported.  To their right, the room containing a single tango.  Ahead of them, the final hostage.

The two men are soon in position; [icky] left of the first door, ready to fire as soon as it swings open, the [cat] to the right, covering ahead of them.

"Move out!"  It's over in seconds.  [furrycat] nudges the door ajar, exposing the terrorist inside to a burst of fire from [icky]'s suppressed MP5.  Only one more objective to go now...

The final room is key.  Two tangos, one civilian, no second chances.  "Stay here," [icarus] whispers to the following hostage as [furry] reaches for a flashbang.  He flings open the door, bounces the tactical aid off the frame as it's still swinging and is already reaching for his primary weapon as the explosion deafens the men inside.  [icarus_uk] charges through the doorway, buttonhooking to the right and bringing his submachinegun to bear with deadly accuracy.  By now the [cat] has entered, crossing over and heading for the gantry opposite him.  He kicks the door open, crouches and aims in one fluid movement, acquiring and eliminating a target 25m ahead before the latter could blink.  Immediately his weapon sweeps an arc to the right to finish facing probably the smartest and certainly the luckiest terrorist in the country.

"Got one surrended."

"Roger that."

The perfect takedown was complete.

Except that it wasn't because [icky] was too busy messing about with the control system, trying to secure the final hostage, that he didn't notice the bad guy who came sneaking up behind him and wiped us both out, whereupon we were both called n00bs by the other players on the server.

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Re: The first Raven Shield game diary
« Reply #1 on: 2003-03-27 19:30:16 »

Dont blame the interface for our death.  I was trying to find a terrorist that ran off down the stairs.  But oh well.  We were still kicking arse.  Bonus points for making me sound cool in your diary though Smiley
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The 2nd game diary
« Reply #2 on: 2003-03-27 19:39:57 »

Sirens wailed in the distance as our team breached the back door into the bank.  

"Huh? What was that?" I heard to our right  BoonSaintRocke, the closest mate, leaned left around the corner. His silenced MP4 came alive in a staccato burst of PHUT PHUT PHUT.  

"Enemy down," he reported.

Clearing left, we all moved down the hallway and cleared into the room at the end.  Three of us stacked up next to the door leading into the main hallway, with me covering the rear.

My eyes widened when a tango stepped into the room, his eyes scanning to the left.  He didn't see us!!  I swiftly brought up my silenced UMP while yelling out "Tango spotted!"

The terrorist swung around, his own eyes widening.  His G36K swung up, fingers already depressing the trigger.  I swear I could see each individual bullet strike the floor and march towards me.  My own finger pulled the trigger twice, releasing two 3-round bursts.  The first burst struck the tango, making his head blossom into a fine mist of red.  At the same moment, RedCell stepped into the room and into my line of fire, catching the last burst with his head.  One dead tango, one dead mate.

The door behind me blew open and another of my mates went down, caught by a prepared tango.  BoonSaintRocke avenged our comrade, and now we were 2.  

Moving up the main stairs in the foyer, he took point, covering left.  Peeking to the right, a hidden tango shouted "He's there!" and fired, riddling BoonSaintRocke's body.  I was left alone.

Scared, I contemplated my actions.  To my left and behind a wall was a tango.  If I stepped in front of BoonSaintRocke, I'd be dead.  If I did nothing, I'd be dead soon anyway.

Resignation set in.  I plucked a M241 frag grenade off my belt, pulled the pin, and underhand tossed the frag to my left.  Immediately rewarded with a surprised shout of "GRENADE!" from the tango, I pulled out my Mk23 handgun, only to catch the tango running right into me.  I couldn't miss as his whole body filled my sight picture.  Momentarily panicked, I must have shot him 5 times or so.  He went down like a wet cement bag.

Breaking out my HBS, I swept the area.  No blips.  Great.

Moving right, I cleared the rooms down the hall to the library.  HBS showed 1 tango behind the door.  Holding my breath, I kicked the door in and shot the surprised tango with a 3 round burst to his head.  As I was inspecting his body, another tango popped out to my left.  I knelt and fired, my rounds striking true.  His burst peppered the wall above my head.  Another tango appeared to the right, drawn by the gunfire.  Another burst from me, another dead tango.

Something that felt like a sledgehammer slammed into me.  I was hit!  Screaming through the pain, I swung back to my left and saw not one, but three tangos!!  PHUT PHUT PHUT PHUT CLIK!  Damn!!  Two tangos down and my UMP is dry!!  Without time for a combat reload, I dropped my UMP and pulled up my Mk23, my finger pulling the trigger several times as the last remaining tango filled my sight picture.  He went down.

Staying still for an agonizing few seconds, I realized I was still alive, but wounded.  Hearing nothing more, I reloaded my Mk23 and my UMP, then cleared the library.

Top floor cleared, I headed down into the vault.  Approaching the locked bank door, I looked through the bulletproof window and saw two tangos, who also saw me.  One of them yelled "POLICE!" and fired, making me flinch as the rounds starred the window.  Shit.

It must have been my lucky day, as the second tango pulled out a frag grenade and threw it at me, expecting it to go through the window.  It bounced off the window and clattered to his feet, exploding and took himself and his buddy out, thereby saving me some ammo.  Haha!!

Cracking open the door, I cleared left, tossing another frag grenade and managing to kill... one more tango.  What a waste of a good grenade.

Headed back right to the vault.  Peeked left and saw a tango with his back towards me, concerned with counting the cash.  I easily picked him off, then stepped into the vault.  I heard the click of a hammer striking home and my stomach dropped.  

I died, having forgotten to clear the left corner of the damn vault.


"Take him out!"
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Re: The 2nd game diary
« Reply #3 on: 2003-03-27 23:34:50 »

You forgot the part where I said "Gerwalker, from the Furry clan Gerwalker?" , I am going by the name -=Tango=- in RS at least for now I am! That was pretty fun!

Now if I can ever figure out my damn Sound card (Audigy/Gamer) , I might be able to get on TS with you Gerwalker! Anyone have a clue? Strangest thing is ,it was working fine several months ago, and it works fine when I talk using Yahoo or other free long distance phone deals!


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