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Title: Movies
Post by: -Dick on 2002-09-02 14:45:13
Anybody checked out this movie.  

Its called NAA.  D/L it from the clan site and drop it in your single playr missions folder.  Its quite entertaining.  

I still think Ickk could do something better however.

Post by: [furrycat] on 2002-09-02 14:59:33
Not so much a movie as a collection of cutscenes linked by tacky fades.  Some parts are excellent though.

Post by: -Dick on 2002-09-02 15:10:30
Well, movie was used very loosly.

It had no flow, no direction, and generally nothing to tie it all together, but ya, some schenes were schweet.

Post by: [furrycat] on 2002-09-02 15:35:07
It had some manic camera movement.  If you visualise a piece of string wrapped around the cameraman's arm you can see it tying a fair whack of the cast together.

Post by: nN on 2002-09-02 15:41:08
Brings a whole new meaning to shooting people with a tank