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1  Single player and online games / Operation Flashpoint / How are they? on: 2003-03-17 10:49:48
Have any of you tried the new animations for fast roping and rapelling? Are they any good?
2  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Just got back on: 2003-03-10 10:26:03
I just got back from my BMQ, and man is it different. It would start with 30 mins to shower, make your bed, and be formed up outside to march to breakfast. Then they're be kit inspections and such for about 30 mins after breakfast. Then classes all the way to lunch, then we'd setup up lunch in our building, eat for 10 mins, then clean it all up. Then more classes, and the same routine for supper as lunch. Then, we'd have some more classes, and kit inspections untill about 10pm, lights out at 11.

This was the first 5 or so days, then we went to the range a couple of times, and to the gas hut. We did field exercises for a couple of days, and ate in the field. The whole time was very tiring, but it was fun. I had really funny people in my section, but we had one buddy fucker who everyone hated. At first we tried to help, but by the end we wanted his ass gone.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi, how were all of your March Breaks?
3  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: *knock knock* "H-H-h-helooo00000Oooo!?!?" on: 2003-02-28 10:58:47
Canada does have a really strong military, but we don't have the funds or manpower like the states. We make up for that in all the training that goes into each person. We may not have the funds, but we use what we have as hard as we can.

Anyways, I'm heading out to CFB Gagetown, so have fun on the break, guys, and gal.
4  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: *knock knock* "H-H-h-helooo00000Oooo!?!?" on: 2003-02-27 10:51:36
I don't know if you guys know, but I joined the Canadian Primary Reserves, and am currently doing my BMQ (Basic Military Qualifications). I'll be away all March break starting tomorrow after school. On the break I'll get to fire the C7, go to the gas hut, and do some field exercises. After I get the paycheck for the break, I'm going to probably get Resistance, and a new video card. But I doubt the game will be any more exciting then doing it for semi-real.
5  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Forum data loss on: 2003-02-25 21:25:22
That sucks. I was wondering why I couldn't look at any posts this morning.
6  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: 2002 - bad year on: 2003-01-08 20:32:12

wrote on Tue, 31 December 2002 17:35]Membership statistics for The Year That Was:

* 2002-04-28: [-Dick] joins

* 2002-04-29: [kehlan] joins

* 2002-05-14: [Don_T_Shoot] joins

* 2002-05-14: [Nataliia] joins

* 2002-08-16: [Digger] joins  

* 2002-08-29: [_Enforcer_] joins

* 2002-09-05: [NorthStar] joins

* 2002-10-25: [Luedog] joins

As you can see, we only recruited 8 members in 2002.  Clearly this is inadequate if we are to stay on target for world domination by 2006.

I want to see more [furryclan] members in 2003, more arguments with idiots on the Sierra forums and - most importantly - a friendlier, more understanding attitude towards our great friends and a highly gifted group of people: AOL's customers!

Roll on 2K3...

Here, here!

7  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / Re: Welcome to Fud on: 2003-01-07 00:47:43
hehe, the second I saw the forums, I resetted all my settings thinking that was it.
8  Single player and online games / Operation Flashpoint / on: 2002-12-24 03:08:14
It's Christmas, so I should be getting Resistance pretty soon.
9  Single player and online games / Operation Flashpoint / on: 2002-12-14 15:38:50
enever I click on anything on the toolbar, I go back to the launguage selection screen.What are your coookie settings like?  It
10  Single player and online games / Operation Flashpoint / add-on question on: 2002-12-12 23:58:08
what does "o.pbo" do that makes it worth 173MB?
11  Single player and online games / SWAT3 / wow on: 2002-12-12 20:29:00
Who'd a thought?


Even though I stopped playing SWAT 3, it's still a little sad knowing that 10-David is gone.
12  Single player and online games / Operation Flashpoint / on: 2002-12-09 00:29:48
13  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / on: 2002-12-07 20:23:47
no, it's not porn, it's a picture of the front page of Monday's paper. I was gonna show you guys..............
14  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / help on: 2002-12-06 20:28:55
can someone host an image for me?
15  [furryclan] forums / [furryclan] general forum / on: 2002-11-29 10:37:59
e to go to school:cry: Go out of town for a measly seven days a
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